Wellness Collection’s Me Time Mommy Bundle


Wellness Collection’s Me Time Mommy Bundle is the perfect way to render tribute to a multitasking woman (counting yourself!) than offering some of the most special Wellness Collection™  products that provide 3 different benefits with women needs in mind:

  • Wellness Collection™ CBD Bath Bombs –> to help you relax and feel pampered
  • Wellness Collection™ CBD Cream –> to keep your skin moisturized and healthy at all times
  • Wellness Collection™ CBD Gummies –> to help you cope with the everyday stress in a delicious and natural way

Wellness Collection wants to help you incorporate easy health upgrades into your life, as we strongly believe small changes add up over time, making big results achievable. The products have been carefully created for health-conscious busy lifestyles and on-the-go individuals like you.

Visit Wellness Collection™ to learn more.

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